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Reasons To Book Your 2019 Ibiza Villa

Bookings are already being made for 2019. If you are planning on coming to Ibiza in 2019 here are 5 very good reasons why it’s a great ideal to book early
1.Weddings – if you are planning to get married in Ibiza then of course you need to plan in advance, but also so do your wedding guests. May, June & September are very popular months to get married in Ibiza…and when you are looking for somewhere to stay for family & guests then villas soon get booked up

2.Most villas are available to book now for the same price as 2018. Beat the price increase and book early

3.Book the villa you want before someone else does. Nothing is more frustrating than someone else booking something that was perfect for you. We know it’s obvious but there is only 1 villa available on each date, and as each villa is unique then it can be hard to find the villa you want when someone else has nabbed it from under your nose. So be the smug one to get the villa secured & booked before some else does