Halloween in Ibiza

Halloween in Ibiza

Halloween is a big event in Ibiza. Don’t think because the summer season is over, many of the hotels have closed and the tourists have departed that there is no life in the old dog ! 

Ibiza comes alive on Halloween with a number of parties taking place around the island… and with 1st November being a holiday to celebrate All Saints Day then this really is a chance for the locals and the seasonal summer works to really celebrate the official end to the season - the closing party to close all parties -  and to say one last goodbye to the summer before they hunker down for the winter, recharging the batteries and preparing to rev up again for next summer

Some of the big Halloween events that took place in 2014 were:

Bambuddha Restaurant (Bambuddha Grove)
KE BOLA CUBA – Cuban restaurant
Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza – party until 5am
Pacha – open throughout the winter every Friday & Saturday, of course had a Halloween themed party

Many of the restaurants around the island, and particularly in Ibiza Town held themed evenings and decorated their venues and helped to create a great buzz.

Don’t think Ibiza is finished after the last closing part in early October – why not come over here last October and enjoy one last party

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