Ibiza Cycling Holidays

Ibiza Cycling Routes & Cycling Holidays

Ibiza is a great destination for a cycling holiday whether there are just 2 of you or you are part of a much larger group. There are 20 established cycling routes that are all signposted and take in some of the most spectacular scenery & views. The routes vary from fairly gentle rides through to a very challenging 82 kilometre route taking in a significant chunk of the island. Unique Ibiza Villas have a large number of villas with easy access to cycling routes 

So when is the best time to come for a cycling holiday in Ibiza? Clearly we would recommend you avoid the intense heat of July & August. The wettest month tends to be January & early February…so the cooler early & late summer months as well as November, December & March are ideal.
If you would prefer not to bring your own bike then we can put you in contact with a local company who rent out top of the range road & mountain bikes. They can also provide guided tours if you would prefer.

View the range of Ibiza villas ranging from 2 bedroom to 12 bedroom villas sleeping 24 people that we offer, many of which are close to the official cycling routes.

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