12th October - Hispanity Day (Dia La Hospanidad)

12th October - Hispanity Day

12th October is a Hispanity Day (“Dia La Hispanidad” or “Fiesta Nacional de Espana”); a public holiday that is celebrated throughout Spain and in other countries in the World. The reason - well it is to celebrate the arrival in 1492 of Christopher Columbus arriving in The Americas. Yes yes Christopher Columbus was an Italian but was hired by the Spanish Catholics Monarchs to colonise The Americas which today is the Spanish speaking Caribbean including Cuba, Hispanola, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico & Haiti, and paved the way for most of South America, now known as Latin America to be Spanish speaking.

In Ibiza there are not too many events that are helps to celebrate, instead the weather should still be good enough to enjoy some late summer sun. You can expect many shops to be closed as well as some restaurants in the villages & in Ibiza Town.. but there will still be plenty of places open in the resorts and in Ibiza Town.

Zaragoza in mainland Spain is renowned for celebrating Hispanity Day to also include a week-long celebration of Festival del Pilar which is the city’s patron saint.

October in Ibiza also sees the patron saint celebrations in Es Cubells on 15th October, and in San Rafael on 24th October.

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