August 15th - another Ibiza Fiesta & Holiday

15th August - Public Holiday & Fiesta

15th August is a national public holiday in Spain, so if course including Ibiza. Known as Fiesta de la Tierra (or Festes de la Terra in Catalan) you can expect a range of activities to be taking place including music, dancing & fireworks. This festival originated from the catholic celebration marking the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Nowadays the festival has left religious context and is a chance for most people in Ibiza to have a day off and for holidaymakers to also enjoy the festivities, centered mainly around Ibiza Town but with many villages & towns arranging their own activities.

This day is also Cala Llonga saints day, so in this easy coast beach resort (located near Santa Eulalia) as the patron saint of Cala Llonga is the Virgin Mary. 

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