Ibiza Public Holiday - 5th August

Ibiza Public Holidays (part one) - 5th August

The public holiday in Ibiza on the 5th August is celebrated every year and is known by a few names including: Santa Maria de las Nieves or Nuestra Senora de las Nieves (which translates as “Our Lady of the Snow”, which is interesting as there is not much snow in Ibiza!). Santa Maria is the Patron Saint of Ibiza.  
The festivities continue until the 8th August, although the main festivities are on the 5th which culminates in a firework display.
And the reason for this celebration? well it doesn’t take much to start a fiesta in Ibiza and the reason for this one is to commemorate August 8th 1235 (that is the year not the 25 minutes to 1) when Ibiza was conquered by the Kingdom of Aragon, previously occupied by the Muslim leadership. The site of the cathedral in Ibiza Town (at the top of the Dalt Vila) was once where a Muslim mosque stood nearly 800 years ago.
Many activities in Ibiza Town are based around Parque Reina Sofia, which is beside the walls of the Medieval Dalt Vila.

So now you know. If you are in Ibiza on the 5th August, you see or hear fireworks, or stumble across a fiesta in a village or in Ibiza Town, then you’ll know why.

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