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Finca Can Xuxu - a very unique boutique Ibiza hotel
If you are looking for a different type of boutique Ibiza hotel then let us introduce you to Finca Can Xuxu. In fact less of a hotel more of a lifestyle choice. Finca Can Xuxu is the personal family home of Alexandre. An exclusive "non-members members" club located close to the west coast of Ibiza. What is on offer is a relaxed and friendly unique place to stay, the complete antidote to a sterile corporate hotel environment.

The style is traditional Ibiza fused with more than a touch of Balinese influence, including some Balinese houses that have been imported from the Indonesian island.

There are very few house rules, other than this is not a party hotel and is best suited to couples.
Finca Can Xuxu is a popular choice for honeymooners. Sorry but children are not allowed.
Groups of 3 rooms or more are not allowed as Alexandre does not want a small number of people to dominate the communal areas.

Finca Can Xuxu is a popular …

Ibiza 2014 Opening Parties

Yay ! Space Nightclub has already announced it's opening party - Space Sundays the now legendary weekly event will open on Sunday 25th May 2014...and already the closing party has been announced for Sunday 5th October - already we're sad just thinking about the closing parties !

So we're 99.9% confident that Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotelwill host its opening party on Saturday 24th May 2014, as they have always opened the day before Space.. and also they have put their prices up for the few days over this date .. always a sure sign that they are planning a big party !

Meanwhile we're eagerly awaiting the announcement of Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza's opening party. As this will be the first Hard Rock Hotel to open in Europe we're sure they will bring in a big name act to mark the launch of this iconic brand in Ibiza... I wonder who it will be... ?