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About Us –Unique Ibiza does exactly what it says on the tin. We are all about helping you choose the right rural, boutique and luxury hotel in Ibiza for your holiday. Unique hotels in Ibiza is a concept that has been hugely successful. It's a perfect opportunity to escape from the daily grind, unwind, recharge and discover your very own secret Ibiza in a hideaway rural, boutique or luxury retreat.

Our passion for Ibiza has led us to creating Inspired as a result of the lack of inspiration and information available to us when we were researching and booking our own holiday to the island some years ago. We found it really difficult to speak to anyone with any knowledge of the rural, boutique and luxury hotels in Ibiza, and to make an informed decision based on prices, facilities, location and services. Our first experience of a rural hotel was the Casa Vilda Marge. We were slightly apprehensive not sure if we had made the right decisi…