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Ibiza Walks - Part 1 - Ses Balandres Gorge

Walk from Santa Agnes to Ses Balandres Gorge
Ibiza is full of surprises... Hidden beaches & coves...unbelievably stunning landscapes…& views that a camera on a mobile phone cannot do justice to. This challenging walk is not very long but the scramble down the gorge of Ses Balandres is enough to get the heart pumping for even the most experienced and fittest of walkers.
Start your walk in the village of Santa Agnes (the Catalan name is Santa Ines) which is one of the smallest villages in Ibiza with 2 restaurants & a church.  Head west along the road from the church and after less than 1 kilometer you see a brick structure with a white pyramid roof. Take a right here past some houses towards the forest and after about one kilometer you will get a glimpse of the sea through the trees.

From here you have 2 options, head further along the path a few meters more to the cliff top for spectacular views (sunsets are amazing!), or for the fitter head down the gorge and enjoy the st…

Can Baboo Ibiza - fusing Cath Kitson with traditional Ibiza

Beautiful & unique 5 or 6 bedroom rural Ibiza villa

If your idea of a high-end Ibiza villa is a country house with warmth and that just wraps you up with oodles of homeliness & cosiness (so the antipathy of a minimalist villa) then we think you’ll love Can Baboo. In our view the best way we can describe the villa (other than beautiful & stunning and a number of other clichés we could list) is to ask you to imagine if designer Cath Kitson was given the honour of decorating this house from top to bottom. Lots of colour and style that fuse together to create a very stylish and amazing Ibiza bolthole.

Can Baboo is a truly unique and remarkable rural villa. This high-end luxury 5/6 bedroom villa has fantastic sea views and is located in a quiet area between San Carlos & San Lorenzo with an elevated position. Santa Eulalia is about 15 minutes away and Ibiza Town about 25 minutes away by car.
The gardens are beautifully manicured, and include a great outside dining area with B…

Halloween 2016 In Ibiza

Halloween 2016 in Ibiza

For an island so synonymous with parties you wouldn’t expect the residents of Ibiza to let Halloween slip by without a party or two. An excuse for a shindig is never required in Ibiza, but when you combine Halloween with the last official day of summer, the end of the working summer for most residents…and the fact that the 1st November is a national holiday (Al Saints Day a Catholic celebration for the family that remembers the relatives that have passed), then Halloween is the perfect opportunity for one last swansong of the summer before the locals hunker down for winter.
Sankey’s, 29th October: “Tribal Sessions” Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, 29th October “Monster Ball” Hostal La Torre, 31st October: “Sunset Party” Heart, 31st October: “Halloween powered by OpenLab” Ibiza Underground, 31st October: “Halloween party” Pacha (in conjunction with Bambuddha), 31st October:  The infamous fetish Halloween dinner ball” Pikes Hotel, 31st October: “The Brothers Grim present Hallowee…

12th October - Hispanity Day (Dia La Hospanidad)

12th October - Hispanity Day

12th October is a Hispanity Day (“Dia La Hispanidad” or “Fiesta Nacional de Espana”); a public holiday that is celebrated throughout Spain and in other countries in the World. The reason - well it is to celebrate the arrival in 1492 of Christopher Columbus arriving in The Americas. Yes yes Christopher Columbus was an Italian but was hired by the Spanish Catholics Monarchs to colonise The Americas which today is the Spanish speaking Caribbean including Cuba, Hispanola, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico & Haiti, and paved the way for most of South America, now known as Latin America to be Spanish speaking.
In Ibiza there are not too many events that are helps to celebrate, instead the weather should still be good enough to enjoy some late summer sun. You can expect many shops to be closed as well as some restaurants in the villages & in Ibiza Town.. but there will still be plenty of places open in the resorts and in Ibiza Town.
Zaragoza in mainland S…

August 24th - Patron Saints Day - San Antonio

August 24 - Patron Saints Day In San Antonio 
24th August is Patron Saints Day and each year the celebrations start from as early as the 18th August (well this is Ibiza where every day is a celebration) and continue until early September. The Patron Saint of San Antonio is St Bartholomew. This main celebrations on the 24th August start early at 8:30am, at 10:30am is a foam & water party (sorry children only). In the early evening after Mass is a procession through the streets, including the firecrackers to warn off evil spirits. The day culminates in fireworks at midnight – head to the mina square opposite the marina for the best vantage point. You can also expect to see some traditional dancing, and music ranging from rock to reggae.
The celebrations date back to 1235 when the kingdom of Aragon took control of the island and introduced Christianity. The villages responded by building churches and many villages were renamed after a saint (San Antonio, Santa Gertrudis, San Rafael…

Luxury Villas Near Ibiza Town

Luxury Villas Near Ibiza Town
If you are looking for a luxury or high-end villa close to Ibiza Town you can click here to view the villas we feature which are all within 10 minute drive of Ibiza Town and the Marina in Ibiza Town (Marina Botafoch). Ibiza Town is home to many high-end restaurants & venues including Lio Ibiza, the cabaret / dining / club from Pacha Group, Pacha Ibiza of course the original, and probably still the best club in Ibiza and thirdly Cipriani Restaurant located at Ibiza Gran Hotel. But of course there are not the only restaurants & venues catering for the discerning customer and each year sees new restaurants with a different take on flavours & fusions opening up. However you may also prefer the contrast of a traditional restaurant or simple tapas bar – Ibiza has it all and our concierge service can help with planning your trip from VIP at clubs to boat and yacht rental. Many of the luxury & high-end villas we feature in the Ibiza Town area in…

August 15th - another Ibiza Fiesta & Holiday

15th August - Public Holiday & Fiesta
15th August is a national public holiday in Spain, so if course including Ibiza. Known as Fiesta de la Tierra (or Festes de la Terra in Catalan) you can expect a range of activities to be taking place including music, dancing & fireworks. This festival originated from the catholic celebration marking the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Nowadays the festival has left religious context and is a chance for most people in Ibiza to have a day off and for holidaymakers to also enjoy the festivities, centered mainly around Ibiza Town but with many villages & towns arranging their own activities.

This day is also Cala Llonga saints day, so in this easy coast beach resort (located near Santa Eulalia) as the patron saint of Cala Llonga is the Virgin Mary. 

Ibiza Public Holiday - 5th August

Ibiza Public Holidays (part one) - 5th August
The public holiday in Ibiza on the 5th August is celebrated every year and is known by a few names including: Santa Maria de las Nieves or Nuestra Senora de las Nieves (which translates as “Our Lady of the Snow”, which is interesting as there is not much snow in Ibiza!). Santa Maria is the Patron Saint of Ibiza.   The festivities continue until the 8th August, although the main festivities are on the 5th which culminates in a firework display. And the reason for this celebration? well it doesn’t take much to start a fiesta in Ibiza and the reason for this one is to commemorate August 8th 1235 (that is the year not the 25 minutes to 1) when Ibiza was conquered by the Kingdom of Aragon, previously occupied by the Muslim leadership. The site of the cathedral in Ibiza Town (at the top of the Dalt Vila) was once where a Muslim mosque stood nearly 800 years ago. Many activities in Ibiza Town are based around Parque Reina Sofia, which is beside …

Ibiza Hidden Beaches - Part 1; Cala Escondida

Cala Escondida

Cala Escondida is a tiny little sandy beach next to Cala Conta (which is also spelt Cala Compte) on the west coast of Ibiza. This clothing optional beach has incredible sunset views, particularly in the main summer months of July & August. There is a simple bar, called of course Bar Cala Escondida, that offers beer, wine, sangria & snacks and is an amazing (almost) secret place to get a frontline seat for the best show in town. The sea is great for snorkelling and just chilling out on this little known Ibiza beach. View the villas we have on the western side of Ibiza

Ibiza Villas For Families With Toddlers

Does anyone really think enough about families in Ibiza?

Not all Ibiza villas are constructed with young families in mind,..not everyone wants marble floors and low level balconies But there are plenty of great villas with facilities to keep everyone happy, especially mum and dad. We also have villas that have a separate annexe or bungalow so you can invite the in-laws but keep them a little at arms length if you need to !
So what do today’s most demanding toddlers expect from their Ibiza villa
Fence around the swimming poolPlaygroundNot too many steps outsideIdeallya villa all on one levelGardens with lawn so that falling over doesn’t mean grazed kneesBBQ for dad he can impress everyone with his culinary skillsWi-Fi so that you don’t miss your favourite Cbeebies programme
Whilst not every villa we recommend for families with children under 5 years will tick all these boxes we think our selection will satisfy most families holiday requirements. We have also built (for a small additional …

Ibiza Villas In Winter

Yes yes it’s the middle of summer and we know no one wants to be thinking about just winter yet, but whilst we know Ibiza is a very different place to stay in the winter months we ask you to give a few minutes thought to the idea
Why come to Ibiza in the winter ?
Ibiza is open..yes yes many places are closed, and you won’t catch many people lying on the beach. The only club that stays open in the winter is Pacha which is open on Friday & Saturday nights every weekend from November to April. Whilst many restaurants do close for the winter, many others stay open.
And if you come to Ibiza in the winter you can get to discover the bits of the island that you just didn’t get round to doing, or that you quite frankly just couldn’t be bothered to do in the summer because it’s too hot, and when there is so much to do you feel like you are rushing from one amazing restaurants to another.. well imagine Ibiza without the crowds & without the cars on the road…when time slows down a little…

Ibiza For Grown Ups

You don't have to take our word for it that we know the best places to go in Ibiza.. Even the Sunday Times recognises us a leading Ibiza specialist. Whether you are looking for a boutique rural hotel or a villa in Ibiza, you can trust us to help you have an amazing time on the White Isle.

Read what Matt Munday wrote in March 2015 and start planning your next trip to Ibiza, some great tips of where to go & what to do

7 Ibiza Beach Clubs In 7 Days

A different Ibiza beach club for every day of the week
Ibiza is synonymous with beach clubs. Spend each day of your holiday at a different beach club; chill out on a lounger with beach service, take in lunch (and dinner) and enjoy the vibe which varies from very chilled to full on!  All beach clubs are family friendly but, for example at Blue Marlin children are allowed until 7pm.
Here are 7 beach clubs in 7 different areas to give you a different experience every day:
Cala Bassa Beach Club at Cala Bassa. View Cala Bassa villas

Blue Marlin at Cala Jondal. View Cala Jondal villas

Jockey Club at Ses Salinas. View Ses Salinas villas

Atzaro Beach Club at Cala Nova. View east coast Ibiza villas

Elements Beach Club at Benirras. View north Ibiza villas

Cotton Beach Club at Cala Tarida. View Cala Tarida villas

Amante Beach Club at Sol Den Serra, near Cala Llonga. View Cala Llonga villas
You can view all the Ibiza villas we feature here

You can view all the Ibiza rural & boutique hotels we featur…

Ibiza Chef Hire - Villa Private Dining

Ibiza Chef Hire
Ibiza has many amazing restaurants to suit all tastes and all pockets, but having your own chef at your Ibiza villa to cook for you once during your stay, or to offer a full service during your stay to include breakfast & lunch or dinner (or any combination you require) for you every day, is an ideal way to be pampered during your time in Ibiza.
Some of the Ibiza villas we feature already come with chef and / or butler included, so a bit like a catered ski chalet.. without the snow. To view these villas then please click here.

For other villas we feature you can arrange for the chef to come and cook a BBQ, paella or something else for you…But this is more than a BBQ…this is a real gastronomic taste sensation from a team of chefs who are very experienced at providing a real taste experience for you.

They will prepare much of the food away from the villa so as not to disturb you, and you will find the service discreet and efficient…they’ll also wash up and clean up a…

Ibiza Boat Rental

Not Just For A-List Celebrities!
Have you noticed that when anyone is photographed in Ibiza they seem to be on a boat?  and not just any boat but a super sleek sexy Sunseeker… well hiring a boat may not be as expensive as you think… and spending some time on the water looking at Ibiza from the sea gives you a totally different perspective of the island.. And let’s be really honest here, everyone is more than a bit jealous of people on boats! It’s kind of the epitome of cool in Ibiza. So if you want to impress then get a boat...

So book your villa with Unique Ibiza Villas, and then we can arrange a speedboat or yacht during your stay

Where to go?
If you are hiring a boat for just one day then we would recommend heading to the neighbouring island of Formentera, and take in the island of Es Palmador En-route. If you know Formentera then you won’t need selling on the amazing beaches and beach restaurants…and if you haven’t been to Formenterayet then where have you been? Voted some of the…

Cala Vadella beach Ibiza

Cala Vadella Ibiza
Cala Vadella (or can also be spelt Cala Vedella) is a small family friendly sandy bay located on the west coast of Ibiza. There is a really chilled feel to this quiet resort. There are about 7 restaurants located around the small bay, which range from traditional Spanish restaurants to pizzerias.
There is also a day time beach club called Maya.

The sea is really safe for children with a large safe area that is enclosed with a large buoy. Paddle boarding is also a popular activity due to the stillness of the sea most of the year. You also get a spectacular sunset from this part of Ibiza, and creates a really beautiful picture postcard scene.

There is also a sandcastle school on the beach at CalaVadella that you can take your kids to… no buckets here, this is sand sculpturing…so if you have ever wondered how these sand sculptures are created then this is the chance for your kids to show their budding artistic no time they will be building super-size castles…

Ibiza Car Hire - Avoid The Queues

Ibiza Car Rental - Things to Know Before You Go

Hiring a car in Ibiza is the perfect way to get around the island, to discover the amazing beaches, restaurants, and hidden gems that are all over the island just waiting to be discovered.
here are some tips for car rental in Ibiza with Unique Ibiza Villas, via our dedicated website
-Book early. Yes it’s a cliché to say book early, but Ibiza is an island so when cars have run out they have really run out. If you are travelling in July & August then it will save you money and hassle if you book as soon as you can.

-         - You snooze you lose as prices do change the later you book. As demand outstrips supply you can expect prices to rise - -     - Not all car rental companies are the same ! Once you have made your booking though of course the price will not increase
-          - We offer a meet & greet service  at the airport away from the crowds (200 metres from the arrivals area), and therefore you sh…

When is the best time to book your Ibiza villa for summer 2017?

When is the best time to book your Ibiza villa for summer 2017?
The simple answer is now! As they say there is no time like the present. Unique Ibiza Villas have over 140 Ibiza villas and many of them are available to book now, and many of them are available to book at 2016 prices.
You can view our 2017 villa range by clicking this link There are certain villas that always get booked up early and remember there are some peak dates that are always the first to get booked up.
These are: Half term week; from 27th May 2017.. the double whammy of school holidays across Europe and the opening parties means that demand will outstrip supply. 

The week around the weekend of 24th/25th June – now, to be honest, we’re not 100% dire why this is a popular date; we think it’s probably because the June prices are really good as in July there is often a bit of a price increase so maybe you get a little more “bang for your buck” the weather is normally pretty amazing and the island is really sta…

Ibiza Sunset Villas

Best Places to Watch the Legendary Ibiza Sunset
Ibiza has many iconic landmarks and is famous for many things. One such thing is the stunning sunset night after nights, even in the winter (weather permitting of course). Ibiza is one of the best places in the world to experience the sunset…somehow this spectacle is even more amazing on the White Isle. Unique Ibiza Villas have a large selection of Ibiza sunset villas

So where is the best place to watch the sunset? Firstly you have to be on the west coast to get the full Ibiza sunset experience, although in the south, central & east you can still get the amazing colours of the sunset.

The most famous place to watch sundown is probably San Antonio; specifically Café del Mar & Café Mambo. Sunset is as late as 9.30 pm in mid-summer.

The other places include the coast further along the day including Cala Salada, Cala Gracio & Cala Gracioneta, and in the other direction to Cala Bassa, Cala CodolarCala Carbo, Cala Tarida, Cala M…