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Las Dalias Hippy Market - Night Market

Las Dalias is a must visit place of interest on the White Isle. Located close to San Carlos village towards the northeast of Ibiza is the hippy market that has become a bit of an institution on the island. It may be a bit of a cliche but this is more than just a market, with music, food and's more a way of life, and offers locals & visitors a chance to meander around the many stalls selling clothes, jewellery, art and general "nick-nacks" to help you celebrate and remember your time in Ibiza. You can also enjoy a massage or experience a Tarot reading

Om Monday 4th June 2018 was the opening of the night market, so, if like me you prefer to be on the beach during the day or sitting in a restaurant enjoying some amazing sea food, then the night market is a great idea, and also Las Dalias by light just feels that much more romantic.

And when you've had enough of walking around the stalls, make your way to one of the bars and enjoy some live music, or grab…