Ibiza Boat Rental

Not Just For A-List Celebrities!

Have you noticed that when anyone is photographed in Ibiza they seem to be on a boat?  and not just any boat but a super sleek sexy Sunseeker… well hiring a boat may not be as expensive as you think… and spending some time on the water looking at Ibiza from the sea gives you a totally different perspective of the island.. And let’s be really honest here, everyone is more than a bit jealous of people on boats! It’s kind of the epitome of cool in Ibiza. So if you want to impress then get a boat...

So book your villa with Unique Ibiza Villas, and then we can arrange a speedboat or yacht during your stay

Where to go?
If you are hiring a boat for just one day then we would recommend heading to the neighbouring island of Formentera, and take in the island of Es Palmador En-route.
If you know Formentera then you won’t need selling on the amazing beaches and beach restaurants…and if you haven’t been to Formentera yet then where have you been? Voted some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, Formentera has few hotel and very few high rise buildings… a small island you can cycle round (or mopeds if cycling sounds too much like hard work). The scenery is simply stunning...a photographers dream.

All boats come with at least 1 skipper, the only additional cost is the fuel which will be about €150 to €200 for the day depending on the journey & the size of the boat (and how fast you want the skipper to go !)

They can take you to a beach restaurant, or provide a picnic to have on the boat as everyone else wonders which A-list celebrity you are

You can check out the Ibiza boats that are available to rent here

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