Ibiza Villas For Families With Toddlers

Does anyone really think enough about families in Ibiza?

Not all Ibiza villas are constructed with young families in mind,..not everyone wants marble floors and low level balconies
But there are plenty of great villas with facilities to keep everyone happy, especially mum and dad.
We also have villas that have a separate annexe or bungalow so you can invite the in-laws but keep them a little at arms length if you need to !

So what do today’s most demanding toddlers expect from their Ibiza villa

  •           Fence around the swimming pool
  •           Playground
  •           Not too many steps outside
  •           Ideally  a villa all on one level
  •           Gardens with lawn so that falling over doesn’t mean grazed knees
  •           BBQ for dad he can impress everyone with his culinary skills
  •           Wi-Fi so that you don’t miss your favourite Cbeebies programme

Whilst not every villa we recommend for families with children under 5 years will tick all these boxes we think our selection will satisfy most families holiday requirements. We have also built (for a small additional cost to cover the materials) a sturdy but temporary pool fence for customers who have fallen in love with a villa but where the only items missing from the wish list was a pool fence around the swimming pool.

We also offer a “Full Fridge Service” which is our supermarket deliver service. You pre-order about a week before you arrive in Ibiza and the items (including nappies etc.) will be in the villa on the day you arrive.. so no queuing in supermarkets, or supermarket tantrums, or desperately trying to find the brands you know & trust… leaving you more time to relax and enjoy some quality family time in Ibiza.

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