When is the best time to book your Ibiza villa for summer 2017?

When is the best time to book your Ibiza villa for summer 2017?

The simple answer is now! As they say there is no time like the present. Unique Ibiza Villas have over 140 Ibiza villas and many of them are available to book now, and many of them are available to book at 2016 prices.
There are certain villas that always get booked up early and remember there are some peak dates that are always the first to get booked up.

These are: Half term week; from 27th May 2017.. the double whammy of school holidays across Europe and the opening parties means that demand will outstrip supply. 

The week around the weekend of 24th/25th June – now, to be honest, we’re not 100% dire why this is a popular date; we think it’s probably because the June prices are really good as in July there is often a bit of a price increase so maybe you get a little more “bang for your buck”...plus the weather is normally pretty amazing and the island is really starting to get busy for the summer...it is also usually the same weekend that Glastonbury is on, so if you prefer sandy beaches to muddy fields then you know where you should be heading !

The first 2 weeks of school holidays,  from Saturday 22nd July through to 5th August, are always the 2 most in demand weeks of the year, with the rest of August also very busy as the whole of Europe puts on their out of office message.

And in the other weeks of the summer we find ourselves booking villas for family & friends celebrating birthdays, or going to weddings, or just wanting to spend some much needed time in the best place on the planet!

So our advice is to sit down with friends and family as soon as possible, decide on your dates and who is coming (so how many bedrooms do you need), what the approximate price range is and you can either search our website for available options or contact us and we can let you know which villas are available.

Some villas will allow a low deposit if €250, and the rest of the villas require a 30% deposit to confirm and the remaining balance is due 28 days before arrival, so plenty of pay days to squirrel some savings away. But most importantly plenty of time to relax & get excited about Ibiza 2017…it will be here before you know it !

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