Ibiza Villas In Winter

Yes yes it’s the middle of summer and we know no one wants to be thinking about just winter yet, but whilst we know Ibiza is a very different place to stay in the winter months we ask you to give a few minutes thought to the idea

Why come to Ibiza in the winter ?

Ibiza is open..yes yes many places are closed, and you won’t catch many people lying on the beach. The only club that stays open in the winter is Pacha which is open on Friday & Saturday nights every weekend from November to April. Whilst many restaurants do close for the winter, many others stay open.

And if you come to Ibiza in the winter you can get to discover the bits of the island that you just didn’t get round to doing, or that you quite frankly just couldn’t be bothered to do in the summer because it’s too hot, and when there is so much to do you feel like you are rushing from one amazing restaurants to another.. well imagine Ibiza without the crowds & without the cars on the road…when time slows down a little more and although the nights are darker earlier everywhere is more relaxed and you seem to have more time to have a lazy lunch. Yemanya at Cala Jondal is open all year round (but may close for a few weeks in January or February), but the winter sunset can be just as spectacular as the summer sunset. 

In Ibiza Town the square at Hostal la Parque has bars open and the vibe is much more like a Spanish city should be with locals meeting for a drink
Well compared to the UK & northern Europe you can expect temperatures to be between 5 to 10 degrees higher…so you won’t be scraping ice off the windscreen and you won’t need your thermals.
Maybe come and take in some walks, have you ever walked to the top of Sa Talaia, the highest “mountain” in Ibiza where the views are simply amazing

The light is spectacular which is why so many people come to Ibiza for painting & photography

Or walk along the coast from San Antonio to Cala Salada

Or behind Cala Llonga and round to Sol d’en Serra with more amazing and spectacular views

There are at least 8 official walking routes in Ibiza

Or take in some of the 20 official cycling routes in Ibiza

Or kayaking

Come to Ibiza in the winter for a different experience

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